Nurture with Nature

A Story of Ecotherapy

A film by Tanya Stadelmann & Dorothy Ibes

Nature with Nurture, A Story of Ecotherapy

(USA, 2020, 19 mins)

Humans were once in deep connection with the natural world, but modern lifestyles have severed this relationship with grave consequences to our mental and planetary health. A passionate community of social workers and advocates in Virginia, U.S.A. are establishing the practice of ecotherapy to help heal the human-nature rift and facilitate human well-being and environmental stewardship through nature connection. These experts share their personal and professional experiences, revealing how this “new field with ancient roots” can transform our lives by simultaneously healing our minds and our planet. Nurture with Nature takes a timely look at an effective, affordable, and side-effect free approach to addressing some of the biggest concerns of our modern era: climate change, rising mental health problems, and digital addiction. Featuring scenic footage from Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley and James River system. The film represents a collaboration between two professors at William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia: Tanya Stadelmann from Film & Media Studies and Dr. Dorothy Ibes from Environmental Science and Policy.

Produced and directed by Tanya Stadelmann & Dorothy Ibes.

©2020 Tanya Stadelmann and Dorothy Ibes. All rights reserved.

Produced & Directed by

Faculty, Film & Media Studies

William & Mary

Tanya Stadelmann is a Professor of Film and Media Studies at William & Mary as well as a documentary filmmaker based in Richmond, VA. She has lived and worked in Switzerland, Australia and the U.S. Her films have been broadcast on public television and shown at film festivals, conferences and galleries in Europe, Australia and the U.S. Tanya's work combines photography with archival footage, interviews, writing, soundscapes, experimental video and poetic documentaries. Inspired by the lived experience, topics in her work focus on the human side of environmental issues, such as the healing powers of nature and the slow violence of chemical pollution. Tanya enjoys collaborations with other artists and scientists and has received several fellowships and grants for interdisciplinary film and video projects in Europe and the U.S.

Faculty, Interdisciplinary Studies / Environmental Science & PolicyDirector, Parks Research Lab
William & Mary

Dr. Ibes is faculty in William & Mary's Environmental & Sustainability program, the founder and director of the Parks & Ecotherapy Research Lab (PERL), and a certified ecotherapy guide. An urban human-environment geographer, Ibes's research, teaching, and ecotherapy work seeks to support and enhance understanding of mutually-beneficial human-nature relationships, with a focus on promoting mental health and environmental stewardship through nature engagement. Her use-inspired, interdisciplinary research integrates theory and practice from ecopsychology, human-environment geography, and urban park planning and design. Ibes's research has been published in respected interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journals including Landscape & Urban Planning, Ecopsychology, American College Health, Cities & the Environment, and Frontier's in Psyschology. She has received funding for her work from the National Science Foundation (NSF), U.S. Dept of Agriculture (USDA), Center for Energy & the Environment, and more. Ibes teaches courses at W&M including, The Science & Experience of Ecotherapy, Science Communication, and Mapping for Community Nature Rx.

Featured in the Film

Ariana Candell

Carolyn Schuyler

Michele Zehr

Amy Sugeno

Jessica Small

Beverly Ingram

Amber Ellis

Matt Bukowski

Linda Capacchione

Film Credits

Produced and Directed by

Tanya Stadelmann and Dorothy Ibes


  • Matt Bukowski

  • Ariana Candell

  • Linda Capacchione

  • Amber Ellis

  • Beverly Ingram

  • Carolyn Schuyler

  • Jessica Small

  • Amy Sugeno

  • Michele Zehr

Written by

  • Dorothy Ibes


  • Tanya Stadelmann

  • Drew Darby

Additional Camera

  • Robert Boyd

  • Marcus Fussell

  • Bennett Hayes

  • Dorothy Ibes

  • Monte Mahler

  • Stacia Phalen

  • Tom Roche

  • Sarah Ruiz

  • Talia Schmitt

  • Claire Seaton

  • Samantha Strausser

  • Jay Warrior


  • Ben Fox

  • Jay Warrior

  • Tanya Stadelmann

Music by

  • Benjamin Chase

Soundmix by

  • Ben Fox

Production Assistants

  • Nick Brown

  • Marcus Fussell

  • Stacia Phalen

  • Emma Rosen

  • Talia Schmitt

  • Sarah Ruiz

  • Tom Roche

  • Claire Seaton

  • Samantha Strausser

  • Raquel Wilson

Student Film excerpts from

  • William & Mary Reveley Fellowship courses (Spring 2018 and ‘19)

  • ENSP 440/FMST 351: “Communicating Ecotherapy Science Through Documentary”

  • FMST 372 Fall 2017 “Creative Video Workshop”

Thanks to

  • W. Taylor Reveley Interdisciplinary Fellows Grant funding by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

  • Vice Provosts Susan Grover and Ann-Marie Stock

  • Troy Davis, Stephen Loughlin and all the William & Mary Reeder Media Center staff

  • Ariana Candell

  • The Ecotherapists in Training, August 2017

  • Seven Oaks Retreat Center, Madison, VA

  • Environmental Science & Policy Program

  • Film & Media Studies Program

  • Anna Chahuneau

  • Adam Norman

Filmed mostly in Virginia

  • Blue Ridge Mountains

  • Grayson Highlands State Park

  • Lake Matoaka

  • Richmond

  • Shenandoah National Park

  • Virginia Beach

  • Virginia Creeper Trail

  • William & Mary campus

  • Williamsburg

  • York River State Park